Who Makes the Rules on Life?

In a world without God there are no real rules. Sometimes, even with God in the world we act like there are no rules. Life cannot exist without rules so we have rules, it’s just a question of where those rules come from.

That world body of humanity, the UN, has made this declaration: “the U.N. Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) said that Northern Ireland is violating women’s rights by restricting their access to abortion.”

Northern Ireland is under the rulership of the United Kingdom, but unlike the U.K., Northern Ireland allows abortion only when the mother’s life is physically endangered. (From “U.N. Declares Northern Ireland’s Pro-Life Laws ‘Violence Against Women’ ” by Paul Bois.)

If there is no God who makes the rules? If there is no God then we are left to make them. In our capacity as rule-makers we’ve decided life has no inherent rights except those we decide. The problem word, here, is “capacity.” There are a number of definitions for this word, but the one that fits here is “the ability or power to do, experience, or understand something.” Because we humans are decision makers we obviously have the power, and because we understand, we have the wisdom to decide. So we think. Well, the problem is with that pesky term, “understand” that gives us the power to make decisions.

The reason we give to God the right to be rule maker is that he has perfect understanding and therefore makes perfect rules. But the UN believes it makes perfect rules through its perfect understanding. “Denial of abortion and criminalization of abortion amounts to discrimination against women because it is a denial of a service that only women need. And it puts women in horrific situations,” stated CEDAW spokeswoman Ruth Halperin-Kaddari. Interesting logic.

Further, we read this from the UN: “Halperin-Kaddari claims that the pro-life laws in Northern Ireland “constitute(s) violence against women that may amount to torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment.”

If there is no God who gives life its ultimate sanctity because we humans are made in his image, and there is no image we are made in, just the luck or bad luck of natural selection, then whoever has the power (by the force of the gun) makes the image for humanity. So we in our great wisdom have decided that babies in the womb are not humans deserving life unless the mother decides to allow them life. The machinations we have to go through to get here are really curious. We have to play the game that the baby in the womb is not a baby at all but just a blob of biological material that while in the womb has no meaning. Part of this game is that I, a male, who contributes half of that blob, a blob that would even be created in the first place without the participation of both male and female is more than it is, a developing human person. We’ve convinced ourselves that the mother (probably the wrong term here given that what the woman carries inside here is not a person but a blob and mother suggests personhood not blob-hood of what she carries) has absolute rights over her body to the exclusion of everything else.

We can do this because we’ve determined in our wisdom that life has no meaning that we don’t give it and the State has decided that its role is not to protect life but support and demand that the taking of life is the ultimate good and therefore required to let happen. Therefore the Irish State cannot protect this useless blob from its termination. You see, the blob has no meaning that we don’t give it. Remember, we, those who have been fortunate enough to let live by our mothers (or at least female hosts), have taken on the job of rule-making. We certainly don’t have any ultimate help in this role because every generation must make its own choices what life is and how we will treat it. We might look at history for some kind of precedent, but history is really checkered giving us confused answers. But how could it be otherwise, after all, we are the gods of our life. We make the game and we make the rules of the game. Even that august body the UN is playing the game making sure all the players are playing fair.

Not all of us believe in the game, believe in the confusing rules that change with time. Not all of believe that life is not precious from the moment that unique sperm meets that unique egg and life begins and we can so casually and blithely end it. Not all of us accept that we are the rule makers.

Some of us believe that the human sperm and the human egg will always and only do one thing, produce another human made both in our image as parents but also in God’s image as ultimate creator. Some of us believe that we both, the male and female, the mother and father participate equally in this process of life, life that we protect because the rules we live by are perfect rules giving absolute meaning to us all. The burden of making those rules are not on our shoulders, only in living by them, and they really aren’t difficult. We believe in life in all its facets from inception to birth to life thereafter.

We believe that not so casually killing innocent life inside the womb is “violence against women that may amount to torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment.” How absolutely ludicrous this is. How absolutely contrary to the very meaning of life this is. When we take away the meaning of any life at any stage we take away the meaning of all life.

That I am a male writing this is absolutely meaningless. My humanity is not depended upon my maleness nor a woman’s humanity based upon her femaleness, it’s based on our being creatures of God created in his image and the rules are the same for both of us. In the end it really is better that God makes the rules and we live by them than we make the rules and we can’t live by them because they really are unworkable.