We Are in the Deep End of the Pool, Thinking We Can Swim, but We Are Drowning.

I think most of us are in the deep end of the pool and we don’t know how to swim. We’re pretending we know how to swim but we’re drowning. We’re wearing flooties and they’re politically correct flooties, but it isn’t air in them and they’re not holding us up and our thrashing to stay afloat finds us only slapping others around us. It’s not a pretty sight.

I write this knowing that my observations don’t mean much and I honestly don’t think we are capable of changing, of crying out for and accepting life savers (not the candy ones). I don’t see things getting better, I just see more jumping in. There have always been those mindless people who jump in to the deep end believing that magically they will know how to swim, or at least float. They typically drown, but you can’t tell them the truth. So a small percentage will always be a given for mindless jumpers. You just can’t stop them.

But what accounts for the masses that are now jumping into the deep end believing that they have evolved to a higher being superior to those of us standing on the edges with our mouths wide open in disbelief. Political correctness has become their God and the name of their god is State.

On one issue (homosexuality and variations of sexual identity) let’s get a perspective because in a nation of 350+ million people less than 4% fall into the LGBT definitions. And yet this less than 4% are dictating the beliefs and behaviors of 96% of Americans. This is clearly the tyranny of the minority. As this has become a world insanity, England has posted a travel advisory to its citizens going to North Carolina and Mississippi and President Obama has said how wrong these states are, how hateful the people are, how homophobic and every other phobic they are by passing a hate-filled homophobic bill about the use of restrooms. Let’s get another perspective on context: there is a difference between transgender and transsexual. Transgender are people who have medically exchanged the male parts for female parts or female parts for male parts. A transsexual is someone who keeps their biological sex parts but believe they are the opposite sex. The narrative against North Carolina and Mississippi, and many schools that are now having trouble with students over changing the bathroom rules, is that it’s because they hate transgender people. None of the backlash against the LBGT radicals is about transgender people because there is no mistake about who they are. The issue is, if you have a male appendage it doesn’t matter what you think you are you do not belong in a female bathroom. That you force yourselves on 96% of the people is real discrimination because you don’t care how they feel, only how you feel. And how long are you in the bathroom, anyway, and what are you doing in there. Do your business and get out. So what if less than 4% of you might feel uncomfortable for a minute and a half. And that percentage is really less than 1%. Even the business Target has fallen to the pressure of making their bathrooms confused letting anyone who might today be sexually fluid into the women’s room. And basically is about women and not men. I will now stop going to Target because I don’t want my wife and certainly my grandchildren coming out confused, or worse, and despite what Charles Krauthammer says, there will be all too many pedophiles today feeling like a girl and getting their thrills. I didn’t have that much of a problem when Target said it would degenderize its children’s section. Foolish, but it didn’t, for me, rise to saying good by. But this does, this bathroom thing.

Former legendary baseball picture Curt Schilling was fired from his job at ESPN because he made this statement in answer to something posed to him on Facebook: [B]asically men’s rooms were clearly designed for men, who stand up when they go pee and women’s rooms were not. Anyway, that turned out to be ‘transphobic.’” He goes on to say: “One of the questions I have got to ask though is when did people believe that the world was supposed to conform around them?” he asked. “Instead of conforming to the world you live in? Or shaping yourself to the world you live in? People now expect the world to shape itself for you? And that’s not how it works. Well, that’s how they’re trying to make it work.” . . . “Here’s the thing: This is how we have gotten to where we are. We have allowed the vocal minority to shut up everyone else,” Schilling said. “And now it drives all of our political agendas.”

“Here’s the thing: I don’t care — if there was a transgender march down my street to have transgender bathrooms, I wouldn’t go out and watch it and I wouldn’t care that they are having it!” the former Boston Red Sox pitcher said. “I want homeless veterans to have homes. I want orphaned and abused kids to have homes. I want the homeless problem in this country to be solved. There are so many other things that are actually legitimately scary and dangerous, like ISIS.”

It doesn’t matter as he also says: “My son, one of my youngest sons was a member of the LGBT club at high school — helps run it.”

Even presidential candidate Trump when speaking about North Carolina and Mississippi asked what’s the matter with them. I can tell you Donald, some people have principles that they believe in and dedicate their lives to following, but you wouldn’t know about that, would you?

Now let’s change subjects, but it is still about drowning in the deep end, and while this comes out of Canada—all these new politically correct issues are becoming worldwide—we are seeing this here in America and I know it will go just as far as this one did. It concerns a mother of three children who let’s here children play by themselves in the fenced-in back yard. A concerned neighbor evidently believed only an evil mother would allow their children (three children, ages two, five and ten) to play in the backyard so child services was called by this “concerned” neighbor and they dutifully swept down on the mother.

The mother tells about this experience: “We had to go through a whole interview asking so many questions — asking me about if we’ve ever dealt with CFS before, what my childhood was like, how I punish my children, whether we drink or do drugs,” Kendrick told CTV News. “[S]he had to look to see where my kids slept. She had to see if we had enough food in the house.” This story can be found HERE.

When a State decides it has the last and authorities word on anything, but in this case parenting, and it convinces the mindless among us who worship at the feet of political correctness and demands that everyone worship as they do, then our neighbors, and sometimes our own family, are nothing more than agents of the State and we no longer are individuals, and certainly we no longer are free.

We are swimming in the deep end and we can’t swim and we are drowning and we want to take everyone down with us. Thank God my children only saw the beginning of this when they were young, but their children are being pulled into the deep end and a tug of war is happening as we, their parents and grandparents are holding on to them for dear life to keep them from drowning. It’s no wonder that one of the most favorite television shows is The Walking Dead because mindless people are the walking dead and they want to make us all dead like them. Some of you might remember the popular movie, the Stepford Wives, basically the same thing with the mindless walking lockstep looking to make others like them.

And then there is the attack of our 1st Amendment right to free speech, something liberal colleges have been challenging since the late sixties. As you know, if you are not one of the mindless ones in the deep end of the pool drowning, that it was never about free speech, only their (the liberal) right to speak and no one else’s right to speak. Like winning children who don’t get their way they go into tantrums, if they couldn’t be heard no one else could be heard, their goal being only they speak.

The new term on college campuses today is “safe space”, as though that defines the flootie on their arms making their time in the deep end safe. So there is this space where no one can listen in, report on, have access to accept those defined by the safe space wardens. We saw this clearly on the campus of the University of Missouri when the professor trying to declare “safe space” called for muscle to remove those reporters wanting to report. Again we have another case of mindless people (both professors and students) at the American University when a reporter wanted to film a protest against a conservative writer’s speech. Of course, this safe space really only applies to mindless liberals, not to mindless conservatives, or any conservative, especially those with minds.

We are, as a nation, fundamentally changed from what our Founders created in 1776. It’s no longer that we are being changed, it has already happened. I, for one, will fight like hell to keep your from pulling me into the deep end and drown with you.v