Truth and Lies and Conflict of Interest. A Game We Are Playing


I’m sorry to say that truth no longer matters. I know some will respond to this statement with this response: What is truth? This questioner, however, is treating his/her opinion as Truth and any opinion opposite that a lie. We have become seriously disingenuous because we’ve limited Truth to political truth.

To be honest, we’ve been doing this forever. Adam’s truth/lie was that Eve gave him the fruit and he ate it so he was innocent of the crime of disobeying God’s command not to eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Eve’s truth/lie was that the Serpent deceived her and she ate it making her innocent of the same crime. Both had a minuscule portion of truth: Eve did give Adam the fruit; the Serpent did lie to Eve; neither fact changed the Truth of God’s clear command and their agreement to it, that they were forbidden to eat the fruit.

We make the lie, truth, not because we actually believe the lie to be Truth but because calling the lie, truth, covers our guilt and makes us look innocent. Wow! That’s quite a statement. In this convoluted reasoning, we know there is Truth (with a capital “T”), we just don’t want to admit that because the light of Truth shines on our darkness exposing it.

What am I saying in this deeply philosophical prologue? Truth doesn’t matter and we don’t care. When I turned on my television yesterday members of the Judicial Committee of the House of Representatives were questioning Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. What I watched for that short period I could handle it was no different from any other Congressional committee questioning an Administration official all the way back to President Nixon. Most of the time it was Democrats in the majority, but regardless of who politically was in control there were the same three elements at play: the majority party members were pushing hard for their version of truth, the minority was pushing hard for their opposite version of truth, the Administration official was stonewalling, giving no real information to find truth, if that were possible. In this case, the Republicans wanted to know why the sins of Obama and Clinton were being dismissed when now clear evidence of sins are being exposed, and the Democrats dismissed that and only wanted to know how to vilify Trump; and Rosenstein wouldn’t answer any meaningful questions about the FBI’s now clear sins or his department’s clear sins. This wasn’t anything new. Presidential administrations have come to believe they are above the law and don’t have to answer Congress and Congress is too week to force the issue. At the end of the day not one iota of truth is ever learned.

But there is truth being revealed and Democrats are denying what they see and hear because their only concern is to destroy Trump. Despite Rosenstein’s protestations that Muller’s investigation of the so-called Russian influence is free of conflict of interest, I want you to go HERE and listen to the Fox News report questioning Representative Trey Gowdy because Democrats are dismissing a larger truth being revealed that ignored will continue the demise of our democracy.

I’ve never said that Trump was the best person to become President, but despite the image Democrats want us to believe neither is he the devil. But the obsession Democrats have in destroying Trump is leading them to dismiss truths they don’t want to entertain because it takes away from their obsession to rid Trump of his presidency. This to me, right now, is the most serious crime because we are destroying truth altogether for political ideology and personal hatreds.

I’m telling you, Democrats, you have no credibility because you so easily discredit any truth you don’t want to hear. Our Founders did not include in the Constitution an outside “special” counsel to investigate because they expected members of the House and Senate to objectively investigate wrongdoing, to rise above crass politics. Yes, they were naive to think we could rise above crass politics. We have clearly shown we can’t. The serious problem is, neither can the special prosecutor. We’re back to the Salem witch trials: tie a rock around everyone, toss them in the lake and whoever floats is innocent. Do you really think anyone will float with a rock tied to them? But that’s the point, we don’t want them to float, we want them all to be guilty.

I don’t think we can get ourselves out of the mess we’ve gotten ourselves into. Hate on both sides runs too deep. But maybe, just maybe, some of you will open your eyes to see and your ears to hear. Maybe then we can find our way back to sanity, and truth.