Time To Get The Hell Out of Dodge!

Time To Get The Hell Out of Dodge!

“A dark realization swallowed me: I was going to bring a baby into this world. And not just any baby: a girl,” she said, revealing that’s when she had the thought about having to give her daughter away to Canadians or Swedes to save her from whatever perceived horrors she saw upcoming in Donald Trump’s presidency.”

These words and thoughts (wisdom?) come from “Amber Tamblyn [who] shared her grim-sounding story from the 2016 presidential election as well as the impact the aftermath had on her as an expectant mother. The star revealed that she had brief thoughts of having to give her child away to Canada or Sweden in the wake of Donald Trump’s election.” (This story if you want to read it can be found HERE.)

I’m not going to pick on cute Amber, an actress, one of many, many whose mouth gets ahead of them. We’re used to the silly ramblings of those who think themselves better than we little people because they are “stars”, you know them, those whose lives are all about lying for a living (we call it acting). It isn’t their lying for a living that catches me up short, it’s that they think themselves wise when they prove themselves fools and they treat us little people like nincompoops. Funny that we nincompoops pay them to be superior than we. I guess we are the fools.

I recently saw a cartoon of two Canadian elk talking to each other. The first one asks, “Have you seen any American stars, yet?” The second one answers, “No.” Every time a Democrat loses to a Republican, especially when Donald Trump won president, all the liberal Hollywood potentates cried out, “I’m leaving the United States for Canada.” Alas, none of them has given up their American citizenship and they’re still in Hollywood making bigger fools of themselves.

In the middle to late 1800s Dodge City, Kansas was known as a wild town. From Fort Dodge just outside the city, soldiers went out to fight the Indians. The trail that went through the town, a trail between Missouri and New Mexico, saw thousands of wagons and cattle and rough cowboys come through town that saw lawlessness and gun fighters and men like Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday. It became a town of great folklore, some actual, probably much made up.

We’re not actually aware of anyone using the phrase “Get out of Dodge” encouraging the bad men to get out before being shot by Wyatt Earp or Doc Holiday, but it must have been heard. Makes sense. When we did hear this phrase it came in the 1955 television classic, Gunsmoke.

This phrase can be used in another way, not warning the bad guy to get out of town but the good people to flee before they get destroyed by the bad guys, an escape. This is what the crybabies in Hollywood have been crying every election: “Flee, the bad guys are coming. I’m not sticking around.”

I understand this. The Socialist State of California has destroyed so much of the good life that we Californians used to enjoy. It has taken away the future of our kids. I want to say many of us but I’m not sure just how many are sick and tired of California’s lunacy, and we’re looking for someplace sane to move to. Our minds are filled with the phrase, Get the hell out of Dodge! It’s why it’s become popular to split the State to try and crowd out the flaming liberals into their own hell and the rest of us have a sane California. You got it, Hollywood would be in the Socialist State. Unfortunately that line drew me into the Socialist State, my family outside it.

The Great Hope used to be Texas, the really only sane state left, but so many Californians have escaped there they are ruining Texas.

I’m not suggesting that the felt need to flee is wrong. It’s what our founding ancestors did when they fled Europe. It certainly was a right feeling for those living under Lenin and Stalin, both in Russia and later Eastern Europe; it was a right feeling for those living under Hitler, especially the Jews; or those under Mao in China.

But that felt need can be overblown, wrongly assessed as good because our critical nature sees everything and everyone we oppose as nothing but evil, devils out to destroy us. It certainly feels like our radical progressive Democrat California politicians are devils and are devilishly destroying the State.

But is Trump a Lenin or Stalin or Hitler or Mao? Or Republicans? I ask it this way because the cry to get out of Dodge comes mostly from Democrats. I know many have tried to paint Trump and Republicans as devils and they’re not entirely wrong. But I will submit that they have totally overblown their outcries and they can’t see this because their outrage overwhelms their senses. This is certainly the sin of Hollywood liberals, and political leaders.

I don’t want to be critical of you who are too critical and I know much of what I say you can’t understand because we speak different languages. When I landed in Germany to spend three years there I did not know one word of German. I was a bad American in that after three years I left only speaking a little German when I should have been fluent. My bad. I did end up speaking fluent French, but that’s another story. One of the first words I learned was Wiener Schnitzel, and no, it’s not the American Wienerschnitzel which is a fast food joint selling hot dogs. Rather it is a breaded veal cutlet and I ate many before I began experimenting by pointing to other food names. As long as I didn’t learn German and the Germans didn’t learn English (though a lot of the younger ones did) we couldn’t communicate with each other.

Those of you who especially are influenced by postmodernism don’t speak the rational language I speak so we’re speaking past each other. So when I say it’s not as bad as we make it out you’re not understanding my reasoning and when you react that it is beyond horrible I’m not hearing your emotional reactions. But unlike when I landed in Germany I have been learning postmodernism’s language and I’m sorry to say it’s not a useful language because it denies historical reality (which postmodernism denies) and doesn’t allow for any positive changes.

I never was a supporter of Trump, and my support for Republicans has diminished a whole lot over the years because I see them as betraying their political ideology. I’ve always seen Trump as an egotistical narcissist and as President he hasn’t abandoned his basic character. Obama was equally, and proven so over and over, an egotistical narcissist just not as obvious as Trump. I don’t know which is worse, the obvious one or the subtle one. What Trump isn’t, unlike Obama and both Bushes, and Clinton, is a progressive with all the failing Marxisms. What Trump is, is a very rich businessman with all the characteristics of a successful businessman and not a politician. It’s out of this character, not politics, he makes his decisions and guides what he does. It’s something we’re not used to in our leaders and because it’s different we fear it and condemn it before we understand it.

And what Trump did that has radical progressives, both Democrat and Republican alike, so mad is put a monkey wrench in the progressive gear upsetting the progressive drive to a fundamentally different America. It’s this that has created the outrage that drives so many. Trump has done a lot of good as President but if you are a radical progressive you’ll never admit this so you will never look for a unifying language that will bring us as a nation together. You will keep pushing us apart.

So we end up with asinine statements like Amber and so many Hollywood actors have made. We cheer the ludicrous because it’s easier than learning each other’s language and finding more commonalities than not between us. From those commonalities we can find answers, where outrage doesn’t get in the way. And we don’t feel the need to make silly statements.

Is this possible?