There’s Such A Thing As ‘Professional Cuddling’


“Although we’re regularly told that we’re now more connected to others than ever before, there’s apparently a great sting of loneliness plaguing our so-called progressive lives. With young people delaying marriage, or forgoing the tradition entirely, coupled with the cold comfort of technology, the business of professional cuddling has sprouted into a reality.

“Yes, professional cuddling. As in, one grown human being pays another grown human being to lay with them, caress their skin, and cuddle. It’s like the sadder, less dignified version of prostitution.”

Well aren’t we progressing as a people? Two new upcoming relationships, mostly for males but some females, as well, are “sexbots” and virtual partners. Neither are real people, one is basically a rubber doll, the other a computer image.

How is it that we have given up on real intimacy with other people? Sure, there are those boys and girls that are such nerds that it’s hard for them to find relationships, at least this is the image we’re given in movies, like “Revenge of the Nerds.”

Didn’t our mommies and daddies hug us enough growing up? Have we gotten so lost in our computers and smart phones that we’ve forgotten how to relate to real people?

This is sad, really sad.