Robots and Taxes and More California Insanity

San Francisco’s Problem Isn’t Robots: It’s the $15 Wage Floor

By Michael Saltsman WSJ


In the Socialist State of California life gets bleaker every day. And in the ultra-socialist city of San Francisco they’re leading the destruction of freedom and sanity. In his article Salsman writes this:

“The latest example is a statewide campaign launched this fall by Jane Kim of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. Ms. Kim intends to raise money to support a statewide ballot measure that would penalize private enterprise for embracing automation in the workplace, as Amazon has done in its warehouses. 

“The idea is simple: if an employer replaces a human worker with a robot or algorithm, he or she would pay a tax,” according to the “Jobs of the Future Fund” website. It continues, “If we can expect millions of Californians may lose their job, it is our responsibility to prepare now through a modest tax on the robots and algorithms taking their place.”

California has already driven out businesses, and especially farming, with its draconian rules that penalize business from legislators who know nothing about business but want to steal money and land for social causes. We pretend that socialism works elsewhere so it should work here, but we deliberately leave out the failures of socialist states.

Robots are replacing human workers for a variety of reasons, all of them having to do with problems human workers bring on the job. Robots show up for work every day, don’t need breaks or lunches, don’t need vacations, don’t complain about their job or their bosses, are cheaper to operate. Yes, sometimes they go on sick call but you won’t hear them complain about their illness being caused by their job.

If my job was taken over by a robot I’d be upset and worried how now I’m going to eat and pay my car and house and have fun. And if I have a family I’m responsible for . . . well, it’s not a good thought. And if I were looking for a job but there were fewer jobs for me because they are filled with robots that would be sad, as well.

In the Socialist State of California our State legislators and a growing number of city councils (especially in large cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles) they’ve decided it’s their role to protect me for selfish (their thinking) businesses. So, let’s ban robots and if we can’t ban them let’s tax them and use that money to help displaced workers (yeah, like they’re really concerned about us). Of course, as they are doing, business will pick up and leave the state or not come into the state. God bless our leaders for being our mommies and daddies who know so much better than any of us citizens.

This wise leadership comes on the heels of socialists in Washington and Oregon and now San Francisco and throughout California raising wages to $10 per hour. And typically our socialist California politicians can’t see past their noses for if they did, and looked north, they’d find the $15 hour wage isn’t working as promised and causing more problem than they hope to save. As Saltzman writes:

“An August study published by the National Bureau of Economic Research linked a rising minimum wage to an increase in unemployment for workers in jobs that require a large number of routine tasks. The authors reported that it wasn’t just service-industry jobs at risk. A rising minimum wage also had a negative effect on job opportunities for older, less-skilled employees in manufacturing.”

Our caring doesn’t show a lot of real care. Our problem solving isn’t solving problems. Our ideas of social justice isn’t very just. It’s the idea that counts, right?