Man Knocked Unconscious, His Body Left in Street — This Time, Bystanders’ Decision Not to Help Has Horrific Consequence

A family member of an assault victim is questioning the state of humanity after her cousin was knocked unconscious, robbed and then left lying in the middle of a busy street. After minutes of his body being ignored by a group of bystanders, a cab accidentally ran over him and killed him.

“We as people, as humans, we should care for one another,” she told the Chicago Tribune. “Who leaves a person in the street for that long? That’s devastating to me — the fact that he could have been saved. He could still be here with us.”

Full story can be found HERE.

What’s wrong with us? Really, what’s wrong with us that this can happen, that someone can be left in the middle of the road while others see him and do nothing for him? You see this in war torn nations, in crime-riddled nations where the people are so afraid that they are too afraid to do anything. Neither fits us in America.

Today the musician Prince died and they are talking about it on television news and will be talking all day about his death and millions will morn and say how terrible this is like we really are concerned about our fellow man, and yet when we are put into a personal encounter with something terrible we don’t want to be involved, don’t want to acknowledge it, turn our backs. We have lost our moral compass and we are not better for it, we are sick people. The two prominent presidential candidates have no real moral principles and they push that in our faces and we say nothing, do nothing, because we, too, don’t have any moral principles. Not all of us, but t0o many of us, certainly those who witnessed this man’s plight and ignored him.

Trump doesn’t need any forgiveness because he has done nothing to be forgiven for. Clinton doesn’t need forgiveness because she believes she has done nothing wrong, nothing that requires forgiveness. I bring these two up because they as our potential leaders are two of the worst examples we could follow in terms of principles and that they are so popular reveal how devoid of morals we are becoming.

We all need to be forgiven for our moral laps.