Happy New Year? Probably not.

As we come to the end of 2017 it has clearly been a year of insanity. The worst character traits of humanity were on display and we saw more inhumanity than any generation should see.

The viciousness of man against their fellow men (and women and kids) has always been part of our history, it’s nothing new. But history is then, now is now and one would think along the way we would want and work for a saner world. But we don’t.

In terms of physical violence, we are overwhelmed with the mass murders, horrific most of the time, perpetrated by Islamic extremists on fellow Muslims because of some differences of theology, and on Christians for being Christian. And while the caliphate Isis had established its territories in Iraq and Syria these territories have been taken from them, though they remain around the world still killing because that’s their method for achieving their perverted ideology.

For those who misguidedly pointed their fingers at Christians in the past who themselves were involved in killing for theological differences (the Inquisition, the Crusades, the Huguenot Wars), yes, they happened and were wrong, but fellow Christians stopped this insanity and limited its impact to Europe, not across the world, and not as violent as we make them out to have been.

In fact, the most violence perpetrated against our fellow humanity has come not from religious wars but from simple evil men. There is no comparison. Between Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, somewhere around 100,000,000 fellow humans were murdered, not just killed, murdered.

But now is now and the physical violent are Islamists who have proven themselves the worst of the worst.

Violence is not just physical in character and I turn now to America where physical violence between our shores has been small compared to the rest of the world. But what hasn’t been small is the political violence and not from the so-called “alt right,” whom we are told to fear. The political violent in physical ways is a group called “antifa” who describe themselves as antifascists, the fascists being the alt right. This, or course, is the big lie. It isn’t the alt right antifa is against, it’s anyone who think and speak different from them and their Marxist ideology. That they relabel different speech as hate speech doesn’t make it so. But even before this, if you use fascist tactics to fight so-called fascism for all intents and purposes there is no difference. They are not peacemakers but peace-breakers.

When Obama took office as President, his wish to fundamentally change America, he accomplished. Truth is, we have been in an unofficial civil war since President Theodore Roosevelt when the ideology of progressivism began to sweep across America changing our fundamental political nature created in the Constitution (limited government of the people, by the people, and for the people, and those who governed did so by the consent of the people). Because Obama believed we Americans were bullies in the world who exploited the people of the world he set about apologizing for our badness reducing our power and our respect. At home he unleased the left to prey on us all to force us into their Progressive/Marxist/Socialist politics. The battle for traditional America was now openly waged and the attacks on tradition pit Americans against Americans.

Hillary Clinton was to continue this war on our traditional government and when she lost her presidential bid which everyone supposed she’d naturally win all hell broke loose and we have seen more insanity from the left and democrats sold on progressivism than anything seen by conservatives and Republicans. This can be seen in Jay Malsky screaming at Trump; “LOCK HIM UP!”. But not at the man Trump, the one in Disney’s World’s Hall of Presidents, the plastic Trump. I have never seen more insanity than with the war on Trump. Never did a Republican or conservative behave as badly as those now crying and screaming and acting out and filled with vile hate against any president.

I would ask you to look at two revolutions, the United States revolution and the French revolution. You don’t have to read far to notice the striking difference. The French revolution was all about anger, the U.S. revolution was about building something good and lasting. The French revolution ended with heads being chopped off. The American revolution ended creating the greatest nation in the world.

Will our insanity continue into 2018? I’m afraid yes. We are at the place that unless we have a new Great Awakening and confess our sins and take up the cross, our lives will never change and our behavior will only destroy us as a nation. I’d like to wish a Happy New Year. I don’t think it will be.