God, why did I have to learn to read?

I’m beginning to be sorry that I ever learned to read. Over the years I’ve not only read the authors I agree with but even those with whom I find disagreement. Not everyone I agree with says everything I agree with, or everyone I disagree with say everything I disagree with. I try to learn something from everyone.

I literally go through dozens of news sites daily searching out tidbits of news looking for a picture of the world I live in. I look for trends that impact the whole nation and single stories that tell me something about a single person or single event. Even when I read something from the most biased, radical, illogical magazine trying to pretend it uses logic (like Salon) I will challenge the fallacious arguments while not regretting I can read.

But there is a trend that is slowly showing up everywhere that the more I run across something from this trend I find myself hanging my head down mumbling a regret that I can read because what I just read so insults life that only despair over what we’re becoming is left bouncing around inside me.

The trend is an obsession with the insufferable, and so devoid of logic “political correctness”, or as I also call it, political stupidity, or social stupidity, or just foolishness. Which brings me to my second regret, my parents through their behavior instilled in me a common sense. If I didn’t have common sense, I wouldn’t be so annoyed because I wouldn’t know better. I would hear absolutely senseless things and I wouldn’t recognize them as stupid and ignorance would be bliss. Maybe I should check out having a frontal lobotomy.

I kept seeing a headline that screamed “stupid” and I was strong and didn’t click on it, but it kept popping up everywhere and I gave in to temptation and read the story about how some Hollywood stars and others are crying “foul”—seems to be the word of the day thanks to Trump—and even before I began reading I was thinking: “How in the hell can someone register with the wrong political party?” The story reminded me these were Hollywood people, stars, some of whom are seriously good actors, very talented in acting who seem to think that qualifies them as great at other things, as well, like logic or politics, or common sense. One doesn’t guarantee the other.

It seems both “Democrat” and “Republican” are not so popular and these great people wanted to feel they were dis-identifying with the bad parts of either political party and so said, “I’m going to be an Independent not identified with either political party.”

Two things jumped out at me in this story, they put their “X” in the box next to “Independent” because there is so much talk across the nation about Independents and most of it is with respect. They didn’t really bother to do research because in California the Independent party is actually part of the American Independent Party (AIP) which is a political party, not just people not identifying with any political party. They were duped, they say, and I say, Ah, shut up!

He’s not from Hollywood, but he is a well-known comedian; Jeff Foxworthy. Do you remember his routine? He goes though stupid things people do and then says: “Here’s your sign.” Well, Hollywood people and others, “Here’s your sign!”

The second thing that jumped out at me was this idea that they really wanted people to believe they were “Independent.” Look at presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders. What is his political party affiliation? It’s Independent. He wants to create the fiction that he is independent, but let’s see who he votes with: ah, every vote he has ever given has been for Democrat led legislation, and if they are against a particular legislation he votes with the Democrats against it. Independent? Really? Not al all. I recognized some of the names in this story and I know that their loyalty is 100% with liberal Democrats and they will never vote otherwise. But, like Bernie it’s an attempt at fiction hoping you’ll think well of them because they are not political hacks but “Independents.”

So I leave them with “Stupid is what stupid does.”

And then there is the story of the professor who was asked by a student if the professor would give her a recommendation to her next schooling leading to a teacher’s certificate.  The professor says that while this student isn’t the best in her class she is bright and intelligent and would make a good teacher.

The professor writes under a pen name because the real her doesn’t want to appear what the pen name person appears like; incredibly stupid. Not intellectually stupid, though I have my doubts when this is her dilemma. And what is her dilemma? This professor overheard the student standing up for gun and gun rights. Not that she is a terrorist, or some sexual pervert, or abuser, or liar or cheater. None of these things. She likes guns, shoots guns, believes in the Second Amendment to the Constitution. She isn’t preaching this message, just commenting to a friend. But this shocks the professor so deeply that she has to write about this dilemma under an assumed name asking the question—I daresay it’s a rhetorical question because that she is shocked that this student supports guns already tells she has made up her mind. The question: Do I give her a letter of recommendation so she can become a teacher, and do what, indoctrinate her students into carrying guns.

Is the belief in the Second Amendment that guarantees us the right to bare arms—own guns—such a crime against . . . what? . . . that this professor feels compelled to raise the question? Lady, here’s your sign.

Again, it was a headline that I kept seeing and kept making a conscious decision not to open it and read. Damn me, I gave in and opened it up and read and again I’m left with decrying that I can read.

It seems that there was a 17th annual White Privilege Conference in Philadelphia. That there were 16 such conferences before this is mind numbing. I once spent some time on a ranch that was over 100 years old, that is, it was a working ranch back in cowboy days. As I was walking around the ranch I couldn’t help but wonder what it was like back then, that I was walking on the same ground those men did, stepping in the same footprints they left. I tried to feel their presence but never really did, but I did wonder that if their ghosts remained were they watching me and asking questions about what I did.

It was in Philadelphia way back when, when men from the newly established States debated how to change the Articles of Confederation into a more workable governing document for the future. I can almost see their ghosts spinning like tops that in this same hallowed ground there would be a conference not about freedom but about “white” privilege. Ben Franklin might have thought upon seeing the flyer for this conference that it was about how wonderful “whites” are, what a privilege it was to be “white.” Of course, he wouldn’t understand this idea anymore than how it really is applied: about evil white males taking advantage over everyone not a white male. It should be titled, 17th Annual Conference hating white men, saying everything hateful about white men that can be said, and according to one speaker, Paul Kivel, “almost every dysfunction in society, from racism and sexism to global warming and a weak economy, is united by the ideology of Christian hegemony.” According to Kivel, at least anywhere between 7,000 to 10,000 white Christians men run major institutions and “colonize our minds” with principles of Christianity that leads to most of the world’s problems. Haven’t we heard this story before? Oh, yes, much of this was said about the Jews.

As I was reading about the evils of “white privilege”, a good Marxist straw man to coalesce haters around, I ran across a statement that sent me screaming, “Why God, why can I read, it’s a curse you gave me!” It seems a hater of white privilege spoke a few minutes longer than he was allotted and some person cried, FOUL, charging the speaker with white privilege because he took more than his allotted time. Oh my God! We’ve become whining children who when we don’t get our way accuse everyone of everything in our attempt to bully everyone into giving us what we want. Remind you of anyone running for president? Why did anyone listen? Why did the news feel compelled to report this crap? Why was I reading it?

Please, someone save us from ourselves!