Elon Musk and electric cars



I’m not totally against electric cars and trucks. I’m also not about to spend my limited money on a vehicle that is not yet ready. I only want one thing from my automobile, to go from A to Z and all the stops in-between without having to stop for a long time to recharge it. Within five minutes I can gas up my car and continue on my trip and that’s what I expect with an electric car.

So it is with interest that I listen carefully to Elon Musk at Tesla who says he can deliver on that promise within a couple of years. But there are a couple of questions that we’re not asking and concerns we’re ignoring with our earth-first driven social conscience running ahead of the issues of electric cars.

What we are ignoring is where is that electricity coming from to charge up our autos? It doesn’t come out of the air, it’s not an energy source that magically appears at the end of our charging plug. We look at it as not coming out of the ground like oil turned into gasoline so we’re saving the earth with all those bad things surrounding gas driven vehicles and lawnmowers. Electricity must be created from another energy source and there’s only a few sources capable of creating enough energy to keep all our millions of automobiles running: oil driven energy plants, hydroelectric plants, nuclear energy plants.

To keep the process simple, if one unit of electricity takes one unit of fossil fuel to create it we’re not saving anything in our attempt to escape fossil fuels. If one unit of fossil fuel can create multiple units of electricity then there will be a savings. I haven’t heard any discussion on what we will actually be saving. I’d like to know.

A second concern I have is that the states and federal government get a good portion of their money from gas taxes. Especially in the Socialist State of California. Switching from gasoline to electricity would cost the state all those taxes charged to a gallon of gas. We know the government is not going to stop stealing our money. How are they now going to charge us for our use of electricity in our electric cars, and distinguish that from the other uses of electricity to run our homes? I’ve heard no one talking about this we’re so gaga about electric cars. But we need to decide what and how the government is going to charge us; you know, for the roads (yeah).

I now accept it’s going to happen, we’re going to be driving electric cars, and that’s okay. It’s one of those changes that progress makes that also changes our lives in profound ways and in the beginning it won’t change my lifestyle. Of course, all those owners of gas stations with their snack shops will find themselves unemployed. Right now, in one of the shopping centers I drive to they have put in charging stations for electric cars. No charge to plug in. That can’t last long when every car is electric needing electric energy. It still costs someone money for that electricity being used. Probably they will add credit card systems to pay for it.

Maybe I’m just thinking too much.