David Hogg, Your Fifteen Minutes of Fame are Over

David Hogg, young man, you’ve had your earned fifteen minutes of fame, but it’s over. I know that fame can quickly go to one’s head and make one think more of themselves than is really there. I’m afraid you’ve become enchanted by this moment of fame and you believe you’ve become a big boy living in a big boy world. I’m sorry, putting on big boy underwear doesn’t make you a big boy. It’s time to go back to being a seventeen year old in high school. Thank you for your service, but young man, the big boy world has coopted you and either you don’t understand this or you do and don’t care because it’s giving you false fame that however false feels so good to you.

However much your one-trick-pony message was legitimate for you to express over what happened to you and your fellow high school students, time has shown it’s all emotion and no reason. The idealism of youth is good, and necessary because we adults too often let life beat us down and we lose our idealism that we need to help us change, but it can also betray you into believing it’s the truth of life. It’s only part of truth, not the whole truth.

The truth of you and your fellow students is that you were victims of a horrible violent person that killed seventeen of you and seriously wounded others, but that was taken from you by the big world you thought you could play in. You have been made a cardboard figurehead for their agenda and you are their puppet and they are pulling the strings. This also comprises the media that has for some time stopped being a real objective press and has morphed into yellow journalism and propaganda for their progressive ideology. The media has become political bodies, not news organizations; for the most part the liberal media which is most of them, but also the right less so but had components of is politically driven. I’m afraid you believe you are using them but they are using you and for any half-witted person that is very clear.

Any half-witted person knows that this “grassroots” student-led memorial/protest against what happened in Florida was nothing grassroots and quickly lost its student component. Numbers show less than 10% of those protesting are actually students, the overwhelming number adults, and not just adults but organizations protesting everything Trump and promoting the banning of guns. Any half-witted person should know that a few students cannot go through the permit process and costs to plan and hold a large public rally. Someone had to pay for it and do the complicated paperwork. If you all march to a public park and hold a rally no problem. But that’s not what you did. Everything about you, Mr. Hogg, is controlled by hate groups and anti-gun groups and I know you believe you are using them, but they are really using you for their message.

You want to have an honest message Mr. Hogg then stop being a one-trick-pony and acknowledge the complexity and varied issues that must be discussed to find a real answer. Short of that you’re just what you portray yourself to be, just another political distraction.