Are colleges producing children of the corn, so to speak.


Over the past half-century, college campuses have transformed from a place of honest intellectual debate and inquiry to socialist indoctrination camps. And in many cases, taxpayers like you are footing the bill.

I know, you’ve heard all this before: College students are, generally speaking, a bunch of pampered, over-caffeinated cry-babies. After years of earning participation trophies and being told every white man in history is a racist bigot unworthy of even the slightest bit of respect, what more could we expect?

But as bad as the socialist indoctrination on college campuses has been, it has yet to spark a widespread hatred of the country. College students might want socialized medicine, vote for Bernie Sanders and demand they have their safe spaces, but all these issues have fallen under the umbrella of transforming America — not wanting to see it perish.

All that could be changing. Driven in part by the left’s hatred of Donald Trump, college campuses are becoming increasingly more hostile toward Americanism itself. And “diversity” has become such a grand obsession for some that their hatred of even the vilest of groups now often pales in comparison to the rage many young college students feel when the National Anthem is blasted over loudspeakers at football games or some fool dares to waive the American flag and say taboo things about the United States like, “This country stands for freedom.”

These are the beginning paragraphs The Blaze writer Justin Haskins uses in his story “Commentary: On some college campuses, students now hate America more than ISIS.” (Go HERE for the full article.)

I’ve written a number of stories on how bad our colleges and universities are in indoctrinating students over educating them. It is here that most of our future leaders are going to come from, including future teachers that will indoctrinate our future children from elementary to high school to college. During this age range we are naturally idealistic and malleable. As students from kindergarten on we’ve looked at our teachers as authority figures and accepted what they said as gospel. But others voices like our friends and parents we also listen to so we aren’t total robots by the time we enter college, we are capable of thinking our own thoughts.

Whether you as a teacher personally lean politically left or right it’s not your job to teach only your perspective on life, but this is what’s happening, especially with left leaning professors. Only one vision is offered by these professors, taught as though it’s the only true way of thinking. Students are punished with bad grades, or worse, if they dare to think and speak something else, so many don’t. We shouldn’t have to be force fed our professors singular truth and for the sake of their students, administrators should weed out ideologue professors. But many administrators are themselves liberal ideologues.

And from a Fox News story, “North Dakota university walks back email urging opposition to GOP tax legislation.” we read about an Administrator who looks upon students not as there at his college to learn but to be pawns in his political agenda. (Go HERE for this story.)

Until we parents of college students (and those who will be future college students), and we adults who will find these students setting policies that affect our lives demand honest, unbiased educators, colleges will continue to be hotbeds of radicalism, and hate, and producing “children of the corn,” so to speak.

And I will continue to warn about it.