AR-15s make “deer dust”, so says Whoopi Goldberg




Liberals and those who have been scared about guns should really learn what it is they are talking about. In this discussion below Whoopi Goldberg made a comment about why people and hunters don’t need AR-15′s because if you shoot a deer with it all you have left is “deer dust”. First of all, both she and the media constantly misrepresent this weapon as automatic.. It is not, though with





the right tool if can be, but no one in any shooting with the weapon has used it fully automatic. It’s semi-automatic, ladies, and people. A single-shot weapon, say like a 30.06, isn’t semi-automatic, and a revolver, while it holds several bullets, is not semi-automatic. The distinction is that on the single shot you must cock the hammer before it can fire whereas on a semi-automatic the gases from the previous shot cocks it for you. My father had a 30.06 holding six bullets and one has to manually pull back the bolt bringing up a bullet and push the bolt back in sending the bullet to the barrel. You must do this each time you fire. I can tell you may dad was really fast doing this.  The so-called assault rifle, AR-15 shoots the same bullet that my M-16 did when I was in the military. Now, the 30.06 bullet (in military lingo it is a 7.65mm) is larger than the 5.56mm bullet both my M-16 and the AR-15 fires, the difference that the 30.06 (the same bullet as my M-1 rifle) would knock the crap out of you as it went through you, but the AR-15′s bullet is made to spin so that when it enters a target (a deer or person) it spins causing more damage, but guess what, it doesn’t reduce either a deer or person “dust”. And the difference between an “assault” weapon and a “defense” weapon is meaningless and only put into play for political purposes of defying the 2nd Amendment.

Let’s get our fact and comments straight because you look foolish to those of us who know better.



“The View” audience seemingly applauded co-host Raven-Symone on Thursday when she proclaimed, “it’s not the gun, it’s the people” during a gun control discussion.

Seconds later, she had to clarify that she was only mocking people who take that position.

“No, I don’t believe it, that’s what they say,” she quickly offered. “I believe it’s the gun.”



The audience’s applause continued through her explanation and even into fellow co-host Whoopi Goldberg’s next point.

The hosts, joined by Jedediah Bila, were discussing Bernie Sanders’ position on holding gun manufacturers accountable for shootings and whether or not semi-automatic rifles like the AR-15 should be banned.