The invisible hand of the market

The word boycott strikes uneasy emotions in most Americans, probably from the loyalists use of it to strong arm those into submission but it does not need to be so. It is time that we patriots use it for the purpose of the good of our nation, you do not have to throw tea in the harbor to send a message. Since the Red coats have taken hold of Our government through the use of gerrymandering to secure their legacy and deaf to Our words, let us try and send a different message, one which financially harms the loyalists. When celebrities, businesses and associations turn their back on Our country it is time that the American people show their backside to them!

Do not use anger, violence or threats to send Our message but instead use the right to refuse their service. Let not your heart feel sorrow for these companies, in the event that one fails for it was their decisions which brought them here. It is time we cease to ask for government intervention when we find discontent with companies, the FCC when we dislike speech or regulation when we dislike a service or product. Let our message be clear to the government and business, there is no need for your help, we will regulate what is needed for the country and this will be done through the refusal of Our money. The government has for ages used their power to force or coerce companies to do their bidding and this will not stop until we stand up to the government along with those who have no spine to do it themselves.

We must unite our efforts and refuse to see movies that cast those who are against us, refuse to listen to music with a message defaming us, refuse products made by those who seek to nudge us, to refuse services from those who seek to deny us!