The Coming Second American Civil War (14 of 14)

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I’ve not given you a comprehensive in-depth answer to why we are hell-bent to take up a new civil war but I’ve tried to give you suggestions as to why. It’s up to you to ask and answer your own questions. You have what you need to do. If you don’t then physical civil war is the remaining option. Let me recap some things from the subtitles I used.

Where The Roots of Our New American Civil War Began—Everything has a beginning, it’s the cause for where we are. Too often we don’t start looking for answers until  long past that beginning so we miss real answers because we never understand real issues, and we ask the wrong questions and hear the wrong answers.

A Major Change In Our Political Structure That Fuels Our New Civil War —Politics is about how governments function, what role they play in the State and in our lives. Go beyond the natural role of politics and it becomes perverted and political parties become all about the Party. The American Dream our Founders began became perversion when Parties became all about their ideology and not the American Dream for all of us. And we got lost in that ideology,

The Battle Between Federalism and anti-Federalism Changes into Progressivism and Constitutionalism—Paradigms, or worldviews, change and sometimes that catches us unaware. It’s not so simple a change like I’m going to stop wearing shoes and only wear flipflops, it’s more like I’m going to stop wearing clothes and go naked. Progressives gave up our Democratic Republic for a new socialism based on Marxism fundamentally changing our worldview of who we are and what we will become. It’s not a change that will reach any good conclusions but we can’t seem to understand that and so we would rather have a civil war than keep what worked so well for our nation.

Knowledge is power and power is control.Knowledge, A Double-Edged Sword—Knowledge has always been power, not over others but over oneself. That’s why those early colonists who came to the New World quickly set up schools, and why the churches established colleges and universities. When knowledge becomes a pejorative is when someone uses knowledge over you to manipulate you. You prevent that manipulation by asking with boldness seeking your own knowledge. Because so many of us found excuses not to even ask basic questions but trusted someone else’s word for truth we ended up becoming what we’re not and don’t understand, or accept what’s happening to us.

Hubris, The First Deadly Sin?—Hubris: excessive pride or self-confidence. We know it all. We know all we need to know. First, we will never know that much. Reality is we will never know more than we don’t know. If that is true, and it is, why do we so quickly come to conclusions and stop asking questions?

WHO WE ARE AS A PEOPLE—I should also ask, Who am I as a person? In our shift from progressivism to neo-modernism we’ve lost all sense of an answer and have made up the most insane redefinition. However many thousands of years homo sapiens have existed there have only been two genders: male and female. Biological sex and gender were the same thing. If you are a Judeo/Christian this was mandatory for the expansion of human beings. No other way for that to happen. If you do not believe in God then just by accident we came out of the mud male and female, and guess what, that difference was the cause for regeneration of the species. No other way for that to happen. But this false sense of social justice threw away all this rational biological truth because modern sense wanted to say everything was equal and right just because we say it is equal and right. So now we have over 116 and counting different and equal genders. The Socialist State of California has passed a law that if you work in a medical facility and do not use the pronoun a person wants to be identified by you can lose your job, be fired, and even go to jail. You MUST act and accept whatever political correctness demands you accept. All this has done is confuse us about who and what we are and destroys all sense of meaning on anything. No wonder we hate each other because we find it frustratingly outrageous that there are those who won’t accept our truth. Civil war is the answer.

THE POOR WILL ALWAYS BE WITH US—We don’t want to accept this because we believe if we accept this truth we will forget the poor. Again, social justice in its attempt to create a utopian society tries to make this truth untruth, and rather than help the poor brings us all down to their level. Justice demands we help the poor, to include helping them to rise above their poverty, but not through redistribution of wealth because that is premised on wealth being evil (Marxism). This is one of the lies we’ve swallowed and leads to chaos.

PERCEPTION IS OUR REALITY. NO. WHAT WE ACTUALLY DO IS MAKE PERCEPTION OUR REALITY.—We all have different opinions about everything. Sometimes those differences are small, other times they are major differences.If in our postmodernism everything is true because there is no objective truth it doesn’t matter that we have differing opinions because it’s all about us singularly. But however much we want to deny objective truth we can’t get away from it and not all opinion is true opinion. It’s that we act otherwise bringing us to vicious clashes and outrage and want to destroy those who challenge our opinion. What else but civil war?

HATRED, NOT LOVE, IS OUR NEW EMOTION—This is what progressivism and postmodernism has brought us to. Our first reaction to what we disagree about is to hate the other person. We bypassed the saying, Hate the sin not the person. Not even Christians have been good at keeping this in balance. Where does this lead us? Yes, civil war.

WE’VE TURNED EVERY ISSUE INTO POLITICS—This alone has driven us to the brink of civil war.

MORAL MOMENT OR NATIONAL DISGRACE—We need a real moral moment or we will never escape a civil war.