The BLM Civil War

“Brands have axed problematic marketing in recent weeks, including Eskimo Pies, Uncle Ben’s, and Aunt Jemima. Now, companies are discontinuing the use of certain words that they believe could potentially offend. The words “whitening,” “fair,” and “master bedroom” are allegedly considered controversial.”

Who would have thought in the civil war we are now engaged in silliness would rule. FOOLS! We’ve all become fools. And it’s the educated that are leading pack. We are watching, as someone said, the March of Morons. How easy it is that so many of us have thrown away our brains.

I read where the NBA is considering allowing players to wear social justice memes on their back instead of their name. March of the Morons.

I’ll say it again, if I thought this civil war was justified I’d join in. The Russian revolution led by Lenin overthrew the Czarists rulers who did nothing for their people if you were not royal. Lenin, then Stalin promised a new social justice where everyone had freedom, everyone had justice but it turns out words were nothing more than political propaganda and it was nothing more than one dictator replacing another. There were created the “ins” and “outs”. If you were a member of the Communist party you were in; if not you were out. Here, of course, there were no good sides to join. It was one evil for another evil, but then those suffering under the Czar cared only about their suffering and was easily persuaded by the rhetoric of Lenin creating a new justice.

The civil war we are now engaged in is another Marist-styled revolution but instead of Lenin leading it this time it’s the BLM, Black Lives Matter movement. And like that of Lenin it’s a socialist revolt. Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors said in a video from 2015 that she and her fellow organizers are “trained Marxists” – making clear their movement’s ideological foundation. When you read the “about us” page in their website it’s filled with Marists idealism. Justice is defined in the BLM as the end of “white” colonialism and black supremacy. Everything connect with so-called “white” culture is evil and needs destroying and the new privileged class will be blacks. Their definition of civil war is blacks against whites as though white society has always had it in for blacks giving them no justice so they’re going to kick out white society and replace it with black. And the non-black social justice warriors have bought into the sentimentalism of black injustice and so are tripping all over themselves to prove they are sentimental to the black injustice plight.

The idealism of “in justice for all” comes from the Pledge of Allegiance created in 1892 by Francis Bellamy, a socialist Baptist minister. His brother Edward was also a utopian socialist whose book Looking Backward was his statement on utopian socialism as superior to capitalism and democracy. Justice for all is implied in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. We all know it was never equally applied, especially for African slaves, but Indians and women, too. But then it was not equally applied in the beginning to the Irish and Italians and Catholics, and a little later to the Chinese and Japanese. And yet the principle for justice for all gave women the vote, gave slaves freedom and stopped caring that the Irish were Irish, the Italians Italian, etc. Honestly, if any group of people are the worst losers it has to be the Indians.

Radicals know nothing but extremes. That’s why the narrative of BLM is accusing the U. S. of systemic racism; systemic means it’s all bad and needs a fundamental transformation away from a Democratic capitalism because the system is anti-black. It isn’t that all lives matter, only that black lives matter because they have suffered injustice. Cops are out to kill them. The State is out to enslave them. Everybody is against them. And facts don’t matter because facts don’t support that narrative. The actual harm done to blacks who encounter the police is less than harm done to others, but national attention is given to African-Americans creating a false narrative.

Here’s something we need to consider in this civil war and who we support in it: Marxism rode into town kicking out Czarism but both systems were evil and no one won. Today BLM is ridding into town kicking out so-called white society but here it isn’t one evil exchanging another evil, but evil Marxism trying to kick out Democratic capitalism which was never perfect, and at times for some evil in its application, but overall the best system for freedom.