Question with boldness even a conspiracy

Lies, scandals and violation of Our Constitution by this White have sent people seeking a reason for this President’s ignorance in the operations of his administration. Many have labeled him a Manchurian candidate, but I do not see a resemblance to the story. Now that our President has been vetted, it is clear that he has been bred by progressives and/or communists, starting with his progressive mother, communist mentor, black liberation pastor and radical friends.

I have long sought how an unnamed senator dismantled a household leftist like Clinton. Hillary Clinton should have been able to destroy any competition seeking the Democratic nomination with name recognition alone. It is my belief that the progressive machine handpicked him, not for his leadership qualities but for his controllability. Hillary Clinton seeks power and could not be controlled unlike the President. Why you ask? Indulge me and I will explain.

I believe the President is not lying when he states that he is unaware of the scandals by his administration. His purpose was not to lead the administration but to allow infiltration of our government by handpicked progressive moles. These moles were to operate with a directive not from our President but the machine and he was just to stand aside as they operate the protocols. In the 60’s these radicals realized that our government was too powerful and the culture had not fully conformed to their agenda so they needed to take it over. Now with a culture change and a government poised to nudge the populace into submission it resembles the German regime in the 30’s.

I feared at first that it was our President that would seek the end of our Republic and replace it with a dictatorship, but as a close to his presidency is upon us I have changed my conclusion. He was just a recruiter, the Dictator will rear his head in 2016. I know Hillary Clinton could fill this role but if a new comer wins the nomination we will know who the machine has selected to rule.