Professing to be wise we become fools


Those two creatures that bubbled up from the tar struggling to untangle themselves from it crawling to solid land had to be two of the most ugly looking creatures to form on the earth. As they looked around them at other creatures that now found themselves on terra firma not one looked like them. As they looked at each other the most obvious thing they saw was the sticky tar chunks in their hair, that black stuff hanging onto their bodies. so much of what they would later see was not evident now.

Two thoughts occurred to them; who am I and where am ?. It wasn’t curious that they were thinking these thoughts, it just was natural. Nor did they find it curious that while these thoughts seemed clear in their heads they really had no language other than grunts.

As it turned out a river flowed nearby though they had no understanding of land and water and tar. Something about the water drew them to it. As they watched other animals drink from the water so they, too, bent their heads into the fresh, cold water and drank. Its taste was refreshing and the coolness of it felt good. Pulling their heads out they noticed that the water took some of the tar away and more of them was being exposed. And thoughts that weren’t thoughts filled them with some kind of knowledge that if they jumped into the river the water would wash them clean. So they jumped in and splashed around and indeed the tar washed away from them and as they rose out of the water they noticed there was a difference between them. They were the same as no other creature at the river was the same as they, yet in their sameness was a noticeable difference.

They grunted at the other creatures hoping to find answers to the questions of who everyone was and what were they doing here but those creatures who bothered to answer them grunted in different ways that meant nothing to these new creatures.

As they looked at the vastness that was around them and above them nothing took notice of them, they were just one more creature that found themselves existing for no good reason other than there they were.

Don’t you find it interesting that on a meaningless chunk of rock among thousands, perhaps millions of other meaningless chunks of rock, meaningless creatures would form? For there to be meaning there must be reasons for meaning, a mind that notices, that understands, that guides, offers a purpose infusing meaning to your existence.

Happy accidents brought order to chaos and in an otherwise world were all these chunks of whatever would bounce off one another, an order developed that made it possible for this one chunk of rock for the genesis of life.

To know and not to know. At some point in time, and what was time, one of these peculiar creatures would grunt: “Meaningless! Meaningless!”, says the Teacher. “Utterly meaningless! Everything is meaningless.” Why did Solomon think there was meaning? If you are nothing more than these meaningless creatures on a meaningless rock how can you have expectations of anything?

We are told that the idea of God that gives everything meaning is just us trying to find meaning in a meaningless existence. Jean-Paul Sartre was right when he said we come into the world from nothing and we leave the world and return to nothing. What meaning there is for us we make in between the two ultimate realities. But why do we find the need to have meaning? Those two questions we began with now has a third, why? Who am I? Where am I? Why am I? We don’t need to ask these questions because they imply meaning where there is no meaning. Yet we are compelled to ask them.

If Sartre is right and meaning is only what we decide between the two nothings and only good for that time-period we can determine what meaning means. Well, for us individually. What right do we have saying to others “This is your meaning?”

Chaos is the natural order of things. Things left to themselves don’t develop into something, they decay and fall apart. Yet here we are millions of years after something began and order has always been stronger than chaos, though chaos remains. And we have never accepted that we are just meaningless creatures that rose from the goo. It’s this contradiction that destroys every argument you raise to support meaninglessness.

And now we are being forced back into meaninglessness, devolving back into chaos as we’ve answered the question of who am I with I’m whatever I want to be. This creature who was the same yet not the same, that difference was defined as sex, male and female, distinguished the presence of a Y chromosome or the absence of it. This determined one male, the other female. In our search for our own meaning that will be forced on the rest of us we’ve decided that gender is more meaningful than sex. Gender is really a modern construct to justify our attempt to make meaning something that has no ultimate meaning. And now the Socialist State of California now recognizes a third gender other than male and female creating a non-binary gender. Binary is defined as something made of two things or parts, i.e., human being defined as male and female; Y or not-Y. We want to push ourselves back into the goo of meaninglessness hoping for something different to come out and walk the earth.

It will never be a real construct no matter how much we force others to believe our nonsense. It will always be a mental construct, something we make up that gives us meaning in the face of reality that gives it no real meaning.

All we are doing is giving meaning to chaos and creating our world filled with chaos. I realize I’m standing outside your meaningless world saying there is meaning and so I can’t help but repeat something the Apostle Paul wrote to the Romans: “Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.”