Is Covid-19 A Dystopian Dance (5 of 5)

How are the scientists and doctors going to help us understand what to expect and how to react? Notice I said “scientists”, that’s people, not science the discipline. They are not one and the same. The best we can say about science is that mostly it’s impartial objective facts, but not always. Science is what we humans interpret what we see and what it means and sometimes it’s clearly accepted and indisputable, other times it’s our definition and someone somewhere will dispute our interpretation for another interpretation.

The myth about computers is that they are nothing more than impartial machines, nothing but 1’s and 0’s being turned on and off in different patterns and from that we get information. There is an interesting story about computer technology known as “gigo” or garbage in, garbage out. Nothing a computer spits out, so to speak, is wholly dependent upon itself. That level of objective impartial information is a myth. AI, or artificial intelligence is not machine driven intelligence but comes from information fed into the machine by humans. Even ASI, artificial super intelligence, when the machine will take over humanity, will still be products of nothing more than what was fed into the computer, even though the crazies about ASI don’t believe this.

So Kahn is saying don’t trust science because even scientists with honest concerns still don’t have all the knowledge needed for perfect predictions and their conclusions have room for honest challenge. To challenge doesn’t make us automatically anti-science. Scientists, including Dr Fauci and Dr. Birx who guide the president, and therefore our nation, into what is and isn’t regarding Covid-19 continually repeat the predictable death level for the United States as 2.5 million. It’s a “could be.” That number came out of a supposedly impartial computer model and the low end of predictable deaths are 1 million. The high end number means that in percentage of population 0.007420 will die. That’s seven-tenths of a percent. The lower number, 1 million, is 0.0028 out of 350 million and that’s three-tenths of a percent. In the entire world only 248,000 have died and the death rate appears to be dropping. That puts us well below the 2003 SARS rate of death. How can a computer modeling predict 2.5 million, or even 1 million deaths when the actual death rate from the beginning would only conclude under 300,000 deaths (assuming it will go that high). This means that whoever fed the computer the information to draw from put in garbage and garbage came out. Fine, supposedly, if it’s just an academic exercise, but it’s not, it’s information doctors fed the president who made decisions that affect the whole of the United States.

We’re back to that anxiety driven prediction that only leads to disaster. The president always prefaces his repeat of this foolish number, 2.5 million deaths, by saying this would happen if we did nothing. I find that even more insulting than repeating that ridiculous number 2.5. What if we did nothing is the most asinine statement any intelligent person can make, and don’t just blurt out, Well it’s Trump, what’d you expect. This foolishness goes all the way down to our state governors and city mayors. It’s no respecter of political party. I hear conservatives repeating the same garbage.

Kahn begins his conclusions in his article this way:

“Most everyone in the media and on the Left would rather cede to blindly dogmatic overtures even in the face of contradictory or inherently speculative information, including the now-famous Imperial College study by Neil Ferguson. Beneath the mountains of hubris, many of the forecasts and dire predictions turned out to have as much merit as scrying pools and crystal balls.

“No one is arguing that some preventative measures were imperative to curb the pandemic and to flatten the curve. Those measures have been successful. The curve has flattened. The problem is that now the narrative has shifted from flattening the curve to squashing it according to Time:

“While the country as a whole has successfully flattened the curve, it has yet to show the extended period of decline necessary to declare ourselves out of the woods — a ‘squashing’ of the curve.”

Do something, anything, just do something. How do we define when the curve is flat? Seems like an easy question to answer, it’s not. Why not? Because political leaders have found out how juicy it is to dictate the behavior of everyone. They’ve decided power, and it’s all about power is sweet and they have it, especially those governors and mayors like California Gavin Newsome and New York City mayor Bill de Blasio who are, and it’s their words and actions, socialists who want a socialist nation. That means they want to take down our Republic because in their ideology it was so flawed from the beginning it needs to be taken down and replaced and they are going to replace it. They have the power and they’re using it. This isn’t a political conclusion, again, it’s their words and behavior. They will tell us who can work, when we can work, who we can be with, etc., etc., etc.

There is a phrase in the Lord’s Prayer that says, “Do not lead us into temptation.” Our governors and mayors through their draconian dictatorial polices on what and when we can do what are leading us into temptation. What temptation? To protest, to riot, to demand he take his or her heavy hand off our necks. The power that they’ve taken is anti-American, and because we were swept up in the panic we’ve let them have it. Our bad.

This is got to stop NOW!