I’m despicable, anti-life, brutal, ruthless, intolerant and void of compassion

“Right wing Christians are fundamentalists and thoroughly anti-Christian, anti-life, brutal, ruthless, intolerant and void of compassion, in addition to being ideologically devoted to ignorance of all scientific research, wishing to turn the clock back to pre-Enlightenment times.” This was a tirade from an anti-Trumper venting hate on those who support Trump. This reminds me of a speech then candidate Obama gave detailing what he thought about middle Americans: “They get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”

Both the writer of the first quote and Obama look at anyone who have different beliefs, different opinions as people walking around on their knuckles incapable of a rational argument because they are even dumber than a box of rocks. Worse, their stupidity is threating to real life, not only unworthy of anyone’s attention but worthy of being locked up, the key thrown away so they don’t further corrupt society like they are corrupt. The pejorative words they use against those they disagree with so easily slip off their tongues typing those they disagree with into caricatures of evil lunacy.

I suppose I feel insulted here because while I wasn’t a supporter of Trump I accept him as my president (as I did with Obama who I seriously disagreed with philosophically). I do find some of Trump’s actions good for America, doing things not ever those candidates I supported would have done that has helped America and Americans. Yes, I’m troubled by his basic character but history is filled with men and women, the Bible is filled with men and women who despite, or because of their character, did things others couldn’t find the way of doing. But then, according to the writer of the beginning quote there is nothing redeemable in Trump who is thoroughly filled with evil making anyone who casts a positive eye on him thoroughly evil, as well.

And so without even knowing me I stand as anti-Christian because I am a Christian and I like some things Trump and that makes me anti-Christian because a real Christian would hate and condemn Trump. I am “anti-life, brutal, ruthless, intolerant and void of compassion.” Oh, despicable, wretched me! You see, I’m cast in caricature and those with extreme dogmatic beliefs can’t see me any other way. Before I even open my mouth I’m condemned. I can’t possibly have a rational argument for things we disagree on because they are so righteously right and I so un-righteously wrong.

How can one have a dialogue with such dogmatists? One can’t. Their minds are tightly closed because they believe they have the only truth so they seal their minds against anything that might challenge their beliefs. To do this they have to make me into a caricature of a hate-filled abusive fundamentalist Christian who can never have a real thought. They don’t need to know me personally, they know my type. I’m bitter, I cling to my guns and fundamentalist religion and hate people who are different from me.

Sometimes I wish I saw life so black and white with no other shades of color. Sometimes I hate thinking because I don’t always find answers, and sometimes I don’t like the answers I do find. To color the world in absolute black and white would rid me of doubts.

This dogmatism of which I speak isn’t owned by just one group, we are all guilty of closed-mindedness making caricatures of those we disagree with. I’ve tried to remake myself into someone who doesn’t make caricatures of those I disagree with. I want to see and acknowledge their humanity even when we don’t agree on even the most fundamental truths I believe we should agree on. But I’m so easily dismissed by so many by those who don’t want to debate truth because it is so settled for them there is no need of debate. And so those who disagree with them are accused of everything this person themselves exhibits. Of course, they can’t see this because it’s outside their vacuumed-packed ideology. I’m sorry for those who hate so much without recognizing the length of their hate. I’m sorry for me who they don’t know but hate me and have vicious things to say about me.

I suppose I’m just lamenting, here, lamenting we have lost our civility, our true Christian self.