Employer vs. Employee

Personally I cannot understand the mentality of people who think they are entitled to a retirement because they showed up and did the job they were hired to do. I am not bashing pensions or those who take them,  instead I am questioning the practice. I do not believe in government pensions for the fact that they are servants, not owners. Very few people even question where their money is coming from and the cost to others. Me personally, I have an arrangement with any employer; you need a service and in exchange I receive money for my time doing it. If I work harder and more efficient at the end of the year I may ask for more money. At this point they either agree to these terms or say no and I then choose to continue at the same pay or leave the company. Unless the company is in the business of paying for people’s retirement, I understand that it is up to me to provide for my family after I am unable to work anymore, but many think that it is up to the company or taxpayer to do this.

Lets take a trip with a company from beginning to present day, since very few ever think of the owners or employers. Sam makes hats in his spare time out of his house. He can only make 10 hats a day and on Saturday he takes his 50 hats to a swap meet and sells them. A few weeks in he finds himself selling all the hats with people asking for more than he has. He takes his profits and buys a machine that can help him make 20 hats a day. When the weekend comes he finds that he still cannot keep up with demand so he buys another machine, but finds he cannot run both machines at once so he must hire someone to work the other machine. He hires Sarah to help him, but we must understand that Sarah has not given him any money for the equipment or products, just agrees to work the machine. With demand increasing he buys 2 more machines and hires three more people to man them. These new employees also do not give him any money for the machines or products.

Soon he finds his house is filling up and he rents a building to put the machines, employees, and products in. Now at this point the employees have given him no money for this, nor have they any responsibility if he losses all of it, they get to go on to the next job with no debt from the failing business. After 20 years of making hats one of his employees retire.s To pay her retirement the first 100 hats a week go to pay her (she is not making these hats). Can you imagine as more retire? This is our current state of affairs, employees expect to get paid for the work they do and now don’t do, with the company expected to pay them for no products or for service, just on the fact that they were hired to produce something at no cost to them and all to the employer.

Think about this as the owner of the company, does this sound fair to you? As to why I don’t believe government employees should have a pension, it is because I don’t see why I should have to take time away from my family so that they can spend more time with theirs.