A Call For Honesty and Civility

I’m a RINO (Republican in name only). Many years ago I registered as a Republican because they promoted limited government and less taxes. But even back then I never voted the Republican line, I voted for who I thought was the best candidate and it wasn’t always Republicans. Over the years they departed from their base philosophy and took on progressivism joining the ranks of Democrats who had swallowed hook, line, and sinker progressive ideology.

I no longer find any political party I want to join, not even Libertarian which I’m more closely aligned with philosophically. Because I’m non-aligned politically I can be more objective in my criticism of all political parties. Republicans have long ago sold out their ideals, the only respite came with Ronald Regan. The illustration below is my interpretation of the American political scene.


You can see that both the Democrat and Republican Parties have moved the political football from the Constitution both heading for the goal of totalitarianism, landing at a place more defined as “Statism”. I, for one, and there really is a lot of us, remain at the 20-yard line with the Constitution. It’s from this position I make my judgments and criticisms. Extremists hang out in the end zones of either anarchy or totalitarianism and they attempt to push us all in one direction or the other, both have the same affect, the dissolution of our Democratic Republic.

Both political parties have taken on split personalities, and sadly the Democratic Party has become more radicalized than the Republican Party, though they like Stepford Wives march the country into Statism.

The lie we are being told, and the lie we believe, is that politics will save us. Not only that it will save us but it is the only solution for salvation. And what do we need saved from? Our inability to rule ourselves, that we need government to rule for us.

The Democrat Party has been the better at promulgating this lie and have played unbelievable mind-tricks convincing us only they have truth. Don’t deconstruct this sentence to say I give Republicans a pass, it’s that they have long ago lost the war of words to Democrats. How is it that the political party that created the KKK, that supported slavery and separation of races and fought Civil Rights ended up the champions of us all and we have conveniently (for them, anyway) forgot their political history. Further, we now blame Republicans for the past that they are now believed to have created. Good job getting us to believe the lie.

I’m picking on Democrats now because they have the loudest voice and have the most arrogant self-righteousness condemning everyone else as corrupt so that their noise will cause us to not hear their crimes. Let’s be honest, sin is a human condition. We all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. There’s that silly saying that when you point your finger your thumb points right back at you. Silly but true. While Democrats are pointing their fingers at Republicans—Trump mostly—for the sin of supposed collusion with the Russians, not even closely proven, their sin of extreme bias we now see in the leadership of the FBI, the Justice Department, and the Intelligence community, and the Special Prosecutor, for which we have ample proofs, is denied as nothing to look at, certainly not as criminal as the Trump charges. Honestly, you have in one hand clear evidence, in the other hand not clear evidence, which is more condemning? Could it be true that the Democrats are wholly sinless? What do you do with Lois Lerner and her abuse at the IRS clearly proven? Deny it as nothing to see? What about all those emails from Hilary? Deny it as nothing to see? Your denials are ringing very hollow.

Trump makes himself an easy target for dislike (not hatred which we see), but the reason is not fundamentally Trump, it’s that the Democrats lost an election they believed was theirs and they lost the power they thought they had. Hilary was going to take the country into the total transformation that Obama promised, into a godless state of progressivism where we are all servants of the State, not the other way around as written into the Constitution.

Because they had all that power under Obama they (the radical progressive Democrats) believed they could say and do anything and get away with it. And they were. Democrats could say the most evil, vile things, like think out loud about Sarah Palin’s daughter being raped, that it was karma (from Stephen King) that the train carrying Republicans crashed; oh yeah, sorry someone had to die for this karma. From Hollywood stars to supposed news reporters to politicians things are being said about Trump and his family that Republicans never said (I suppose you might bring up one or two anecdotes but I can bring up daily (that means every day) vile things being said about Trump.

Democrats, you would have moral credibility if you were moral (at least in your political leadership), but you don’t, and you aren’t. I understand, you believe Statism is more workable than Republicanism (not to be confused with a political party) and you accept that illustration that places you in the area of totalitarians is the right place to be. There are a lot of us that don’t accept that but your intensity of decibel noise drowns our voices out.

Here are some words you need to look up and meditate on: civility, honesty, integrity, truth, common sense.

Next time I’ll pick on the Republicans.